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Think big! Think bold! Think 3D printing!

When it comes to manufacturing products, there have been two options: mass produce a generic item quickly, or customise it to meet individual needs, and produce only a few at a time at a much higher cost.

3D printing delivers the ability for mass customisation of any product.

Konica Minolta, in partnership with 3D Systems, is setting the standard with dramatic 3D printing that communicates your best designs and ideas, quickly and accurately.

With a 3D printer, creating a custom-made product is as easy as changing a few values, altering some features in a virtual design on your computer, then pressing, “Print.” Each personalised design can be saved and reprinted any time the need arises.

  • A basic, personal desktop 3D printer can make tools and other simple objects.
  • Professional grade 3D printers can be used for established products and prototyping.
  • Industrial 3D printers can manufacture much bigger, more complex objects from scratch and produce them en mass.

Konica Minolta is passionate about the future of 3D printing and is here to support and help shape your journey with this important innovation.