It doesn’t seem that long ago that we did the whole Christmas thing. Yet here we are, twelve months later, facing the end of another year. Where did the time go? Better prepare that Christmas shopping list and psych myself up for a day or two at the mall. Hmmm… I think I might need a new outfit for the office bar-b-que as well.

Then of course there’s the Christmas cards to write and post. Would my friends be offended if I sent them emails instead? And I mustn’t forget that all important Christmas dinner. Another long list of grocery items to buy. How can people eat so much at one meal? So much work for one day.

Then Christmas day arrives. The meal is served and I sit back, my appetite satiated, to watch the children open their presents. Little faces flushed with excitement and squeals of delight start me thinking that, yes, it was worth it. Although, I may think differently tomorrow when I have to clean up the mess and find creative ways to serve left-overs.

All jokes aside, December can be the busiest, most stressful and expensive time of the year and sometimes we forget what’s really important – like spending time with the people we love. It’s also a good season to count our blessings and show kindness to those less fortunate than ourselves.

So, whether you are celebrating the original traditions of Christmas, simply looking forward to socialising with family and friends, or just hanging out for the public holidays, the management and staff of TOT wish you a safe and joyous Christmas season.

TOT will close from 11 am on Friday 22nd December and re-open at 8:30am on Tuesday 2nd January. We will have a skeleton staff on duty at our Service Centre for urgent repairs and supplies from Wednesday 27th December to Friday 29th December.