With the onset of warmer weather I decided it was time to forgo the hot and hearty casserole for the fresh, cool crispness of a salad. With that thought in mind I strolled down the supermarket isle in search of a zesty salad dressing to add flavour to my assortment of summer greens.

And therein lay my dilemma. You see I discovered row after row of attractively bottled salad dressings. How was I to choose? I quickly scanned the shelves and chose to review those products whose labels stood out.

When it comes to purchasing products today we are almost overwhelmed by the number and variety of choices. Manufacturers, whether large multi-national corporations or the local boutique producer, know this, that’s why so much time and money is invested on marketing and advertising. They know the importance of an eye-catching label.

However, imagine their frustration if the final printed label does not reflect the stunning graphic design on which they have spent a sizeable portion of their advertising budget.

Konica Minolta has created the bizhub PRESS CF71cf Digital Label Printer to take centre stage on the globally expanding digital label market. It allows print companies to produce high-mix low-volume print jobs without compromising image quality. Printing demands that were difficult to cope with using analogue printers can now be handled efficiently. It provides for tasks such as variable and numbering printings and enables print companies to realise product differentiation amid diversifying market needs.

The bizhub PRESS CF71cf Digital Label Printer offers outstanding productivity, image quality, operability and economy. It is a “Perfect Fit” for new market expansion and parallel use with existing analogue machines.

T O Technology is on track to have this machine available for demonstration to customers by December 2016.