Santa Beach Feet Up ComputerIt’s just a few weeks until Christmas. The stores are decked out in festive style with the sounds of Christmas jingles filling the air. Tired shop assistants smile at queuing customers while scanning credit cards through the EFTPOS machine. It’s easy to get frustrated and short tempered with so much shopping to do, so little time to do it and a budget that’s already stretched to the limit. With all this stress we sometimes forget about love and peace and goodwill towards our fellow man as we tick another item off the long shopping list.

For some businesses this annual season can be the most lucrative time of the year and anxious eyes scan each day’s takings to see if the year will end profitably. For those not engaged in consumer retail, business tends to slow down giving staff time for a summer holiday.

The latter is usually the case at TOT. After all, you just can’t fit a photocopier into a Christmas stocking. So TOT is taking a break and the office will be closed between Christmas and the New Year. But don’t panic. If you happen to have a business that continues to trade through the Christmas season, we will have a skeleton staff on duty at our Service Centre to assist you should the need arise.

So whether you are a celebrating the original traditions of Christmas, simply looking forward to socialising with family and friends over a great meal, or just hanging out for the public holidays, the management and staff of TOT wish you a safe and joyous Christmas season.

TOT will close from 12 noon on Friday 23rd December and re-open on Tuesday 3rd January. We will have a skeleton staff on duty at our Service Centre for urgent repairs and supplies from Wednesday 28th December to Friday 30th December.