Service ManagerNestled in a narrow backstreet in the suburb of Wickham is T O Technology’s Service Centre. This unassuming building, set back from the busy street, could easily be overlooked by the casual passer-by. A simple car park with grass surrounds and a few shrubs to break the uniformity of the weathered concrete is unlikely to draw anyone’s attention. Only the colourful TOT Banner hanging above the wide doorway heralds the significance of this structure.

This, you might say, is the engine room of T O Technology. Throughout the day trucks come and go, some to deliver and others to collect the products and supplies needed for the business to operate. From this location TOT’s team of skilled technicians embark on their daily rounds to repair and maintain our customers’ important business equipment, while toner and other consumables are shipped out twice daily.

And all of this activity is under the meticulous direction of TOT’s Service Manager, Paul Standen. Paul took on this responsibility over ten years ago following a successful career as a field technician. It’s a demanding role and not without its challenges but Paul is not one to stay seated behind a desk. Not afraid to get his hands dirty, Paul still heads out to customer sites when his particular expertise is required and can often be found tinkering with equipment that needs his subtle touch.

Like any good team leader, Paul keeps a watchful eye on the health and safety of his staff ensuring workplace safety regulations are up to date and actioned, vehicles maintained and kept roadworthy. Juggling is one of the many skills required in this job and keeping technicians in the field while arranging for regular training and managing staff leave might overwhelm some people but Paul takes it all in his stride.

While customers get to know the technician who services their equipment, the voice on the phone taking their calls, the sales consultant who assisted in the purchasing process, it is people, like Paul, working quietly behind the scenes that play a vital role in keeping the TOT engine running.