Introducing the new Accurio C3080 series – engineered to exceed expectation


“To grow into digital with success means being able to fulfil certain standards, above all to guarantee absolute colour consistency and deliver a superb image quality,” thus says the opening statement on the datasheet for Konica Minolta’s latest generation of its Accurio digital presses – the C3080 […]

Introducing the new Accurio C3080 series – engineered to exceed expectation2018-09-04T10:47:58+10:00

MAKERBOT brings space age technology to your desktop


When it came to creating a space telescope for the future, engineers at renowned American aerospace company, Lockheed Martin, turned to the MakerBot range of desktop 3D printers as a cost effective and fast means of creating prototypes to test their ideas, discover insights and bring radical new products to life.

MAKERBOT brings space age technology to your desktop2017-08-09T09:46:25+10:00

It’s easy being green


If you grew up watching the Muppets you may remember seeing Kirmet the Frog, in the splendor of his emerald greeness, surrounded by fields and trees and singing in a heartfelt tone:
“It’s not that easy being green, having to spend each day the color of the leaves; […]

It’s easy being green2017-02-06T14:47:37+11:00

Here we are at Christmas


Santa Beach Feet Up ComputerIt’s just a few weeks until Christmas. The stores are decked out in festive style with the sounds of Christmas jingles filling the air. Tired shop assistants smile at queuing customers while scanning credit cards through the EFTPOS machine. It’s easy to get […]

Here we are at Christmas2016-12-07T12:16:32+11:00

A Glimpse Behind the Scene at TOT


Service ManagerNestled in a narrow backstreet in the suburb of Wickham is T O Technology’s Service Centre. This unassuming building, set back from the busy street, could easily be overlooked by the casual passer-by. A simple car park with grass surrounds and a few shrubs to break […]

A Glimpse Behind the Scene at TOT2016-11-29T13:25:23+11:00

T O Technology Launches New Website


TOT NewsOn Wednesday, 1st June 2016 T O Technology launched a new website.

Tim Davidson has set a standard at TOT for providing personal service. That’s why you will always speak with a customer support representative and not a computer when you telephone the company.

In keeping with that […]

T O Technology Launches New Website2016-11-29T13:25:27+11:00
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