ordinary CYMK printer image (top) vs bizhub PRESS C71hc Image (bottom)

ordinary CYMK printer image (top) vs bizhub PRESS C71hc Image (bottom)

It was the trip of a lifetime – exotic places; stunning scenery; vivid colours. Every gigabyte on your iPhone, iPad and digital camera is crammed with memorable images. Even your “selfies” look amazing.

With great excitement you queue at your local print shop while your photographs are brought to life in glorious printed colour. Imagine your disappointment when the results don’t meet with your expectations.

If only the local print house had invested in a Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS C71hc. Maybe the printed reproductions would have reflected the splendour of your digital originals.

Unfortunately, images shot from a digital camera usually express a wider colour gamut than CMYK printers can reproduce. Results are often disappointing when using RGB images with CMYK standard printers. Undoubtedly, you’ll have seen the resulting dullness of colours such as pink, purple and bright green.

That’s why you’ll appreciate the unequalled performance of the amazing new Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS C71hc. It uses revolutionary High Chroma toner – reproducing RGB colours more faithfully than ever previously seen before.

With High Chroma toner, you will achieve colours on paper that are much closer to the natural world. So it becomes an easy matter to match your computer monitor’s images for colour and clarity. This is good news when you’re striving to provide the highest possible print quality.

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