Young adult Asian woman is teaching private middle school class. Teacher is teaching students to load colorful rolls of filament in 3D printer in order to print objects they designed in class.Students are examining printer and are amazed by new technology.

As a fan of all things Star Trek I have always been fascinated by the gadgets used in the show. One of my favourites was the “Replicator” – a machine that could turn pure energy into tangible items. Just imagine being able to press a few buttons and out pops a pair of shoes or a part to fix your car. Wouldn’t that be a time saver!

While we are still a long way from having that type of technology, 3D Printing brings us one step closer by being able to “print” a product, like a pair of shoes or a car part, from raw material. And the variety of products is only limited by our imagination.


Today architects are using 3D printers to produce three dimensional models of their designs. Engineers are now testing the product for use in the construction industry. In the field of medicine, they are using this technology to create prosthetics and surgical implants. It is expected that the hearing aid and dental industries will be one of the biggest areas for future development in 3D printing technology.

From aerospace and defense, automotive and healthcare to offices, hospitals and schools, 3D printing is having a huge impact on how we manufacture products.

close up view of a tooth with a 3d printer on background, concept of 3d printing and medicine (3d render)

It is being said that 3D Printing could be the next industrial revolution. That’s why at T O Technology we are excited by the range of Konica Minolta 3D printers now available and eager to show our clients how this amazing invention can benefit their business.