Looking for a Thoroughbred?


bizhub_c754e_location_3_4c_300dpi-25pIn days gone by the horse was a beast of burden. If you owned a farm you would choose a heavy set, sturdy animal that could pull a plough through hardened ground. It didn’t matter if the animal got dirty and sweaty or appeared unattractive. Brute strength […]

Looking for a Thoroughbred?2016-11-29T13:25:08+11:00

3D Printing Showcased In Newcastle


Presenting 3D Printing in Newcastle Presenting 3D Printing in Newcastle

TOT’s Hunter Street showroom was a buzz with excitement this morning as we prepared for the first Konica Minolta 3D Printer Seminar to be held in our region. Chairs were lined up; the coffee machine was made ready; […]

3D Printing Showcased In Newcastle2016-11-29T13:25:13+11:00
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